Windows and Doors

We supply and install PVC doors and windows, thermopanels, resin and aluminum panels.

Windows with a glass or with two crystals and an air chamber, also of three crystals with two air chambers, depending on the requirements.


System that is recommended as a high-tightness alternative, applicable to all types of windows and doors, its front opening can be both interior and exterior.


This system is the ideal alternative to generate controlled ventilation, both in houses and in buildings.

System of parallel sliding sheets on a rail.

PVC windows Unicolor and Bicolor

PVC windows Unicolor and Bicolor It is used with a glass or two and three crystals separated by an air chamber.

Bicolor: For the interior a color can be used, being able to be imitation wood and for exteriors it is possible to use plain colors according to façade color.

Fixed cloth
This allows to reduce the total costs of the systems used. One or two crystals inserted in the fixed frame.

Bow Windows
Bow windows are composed of three windows: a fixed window in the center with ventilation and the frame on all sides.

It allows better ventilation and easy cleaning of the door or window.

Curtain Walls
A curtain wall is a self-supporting facade system, generally glazed, independent of the structure of the building, which is built continuously ahead of it.
They are usually manufactured with aluminum profiles or, in some cases, steel.
They are designed to withstand wind, rain and other loads derived from their own weight, as well as seismic movements, and transmit them to the main structure of the building.

Transparent Closures
The transparent closures are tempered glass can be colorless or colored, they are used in:
– Terraces
– Pool closures
– Perimeter railings
– Balconies

Transparent Skies
Access canopies – Sky
By means of a metallic or structural aluminum structure, the lucarnas are supported with tempered glass with fittings and structural silicone seals, allowing the light to pass through. They are used in:
– Access
– Light Playgrounds
– Marquesinas

Sistema Alucobond
Aplicable a fachadas en distintas variedades de color y formas con sellos de silicona estructural.